Evening all,

 ‘Tis the season for being good to each other.

One of my favourite things in the whole wide world is to share beer with people. Nothing pleases me more than bringing people together through the power of beer.

Last year, we ran #BeerySecretSanta for the first time. 46 folk from the beery community got involved and shared beer. It was a fantastic event.

So how does it work?

  • First stage is for you to DM me to express your interest in taking part. I will need from you an email address and I will email you requesting a postal address.
  • That bit is important as I will need you to reply to the email supplying your postal address to confirm that you are taking part. At that stage I need folk to be fully committed.
  • I will then do the draw to determine which Santa gets which recipient.
  • All Santa’s will be notified by email of their recipients name and postal address.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT BIT!!!!!! Its now up to all Santa’s to take responsibility for selecting beer to send, finding suitable packaging to send beer in and then actually going to the post office to send the parcel.
  • Its at this stage that I get most nervous. I will be sat with everything crossed, praying that all beer arrives safely. However, we cant be held responsible for damaged deliveries, the onus is on you all to wrap beer as securely as you can. Please also allow plenty time for the beer to reach its recipient. Its worth saying that there were some casualty’s last year, however alternative arrangements were made to get beer in peoples hands.
  • Once all beer has arrived safely (everything crossed), as we did last year I am proposing a coordinated evening of fun to open our beers on Sunday 22 December.  Nothing better than a good sociable evening on Twitter to chat about the beers we receive. I will also have a live stream on youtube with a few recipients so we can all socially open our beers together. 

So if any of you are interested in joining me on the livestream, do please let me know. It’s a lot of fun, nothing too formal.  Just good beery folk having a few beers together. I’ll provide full details of the logistics of getting involved, but its very easy. Here’s the link to last years broadcast so you can see how it works: https://youtu.be/N6i_hebKA7o

For those of you who took part last year and enjoyed it, tell your friends!

But anyone who does want to be involved, please DM me via Twitter @MylesLambert with your email address and we’ll start the ball rolling from there!


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