Monthly Archives: October 2016

Filling the Indyman void.


Certainly the highlight of 2015 for me was the Saturday daytime session at Indyman. So many beery folk to talk to, so many great characters to trade stories with. It’s a place that really makes you feel at home. It’s credit to the friendliness of the industry and the consumers that the cold walls of the Victorian baths become a warm cosy place to be.

But there’s a sadness in me. As much I would love to be there, I simply can’t make it this year. And it’ll kill me to hear about everything going on there and hearing about all the amazing beers being consumed (will this year see a record number of double IPA’s I wonder?!).

The world has a habit of lifting you from low ebbs though. And my wife and I have determined that we’re gonna have a day out on Saturday anyway, and I while away on holiday last week I got a lil message from my favourite bottle shop. That message asked me if I would like to come along to the grand launch of their new tasting room!

Now this is a big deal for Coppers of Gosforth. If you’ve ever been in on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon you’ll know the beer bunker can be a busy ol place! It’s such a cool place to hang out and chat beer with fellow enthusiasts. And the list of enthusiasts very much includes the staff. They’re all passionate about their beer and well informed too.

The overriding sense with Coppers though is that there is a community around it which they have developed. That’s what will make it a great place to go and hang out in. It’s very much the same embracing atmosphere that will make Indyman a fantastic event again this year.

For me though, I may not be going to Indyman but I feel as if in going to the next best thing.

Can’t wait to see the place!