#NoMoFOMO – an update

And so the planet turns and the seasons change……

Funny how things evolve isn’t it.  I kinda wanted to address #NoMoFOMO.  It’s been a big thing for me.  It has drastically changed my outlook on what I spend my money on.  But perhaps there’s a few areas that I need to make clear.

When I wrote the original post (link), it was abit of a rant and I did raise issues that I have since discovered that a great many other folks were feeling at the time too.  But I have also had conversations where the main crux of my post was missed.

Lets take Unhuman Cannonball as a yardstick.  In my original post I highlighted this spectacular beer as being the first annual release that drew me in.  But it drew me in because of its brilliance.  At that time it was special not only because it was an annual release, but because in comparison to the beers that were on the market and available at that time, it was massive.  The hops were far in excess of any other beer that I had at that time.  As an experience it blew me away.  The nearest comparisons were miles off it.  For me, that was special. It was well worthy of its place as a special release. 

I’ve had many people pointing out Unhuman Cannonball as a key #NoMoFOMO beer.  But in many respects it’s the beer which best demonstrates the industries reaction to FOMO.  The beer itself is still brilliant, but that gap between it and the rest of the market has been filled tenfold.  But that doesn’t make it any less of a beer.  It’s still very much a market leader.

So what of the FOMO?  Here’s where the magic happened.  Break it down, the Fear Of Missing Out.  It’s an anti-exclusivity message that I’m looking to promote.  Magic Rock have more Unhuman cannonball available than ever before.  That’s not driving FOMO, that’s trying to stem FOMO.  Magic Rock want this beer to be available to as many people as possible.  Granted, given its level of hops you can only produce so much of these sorts of beers, so there is always going to be a cap on its availability, but you will now find it in most reputable beer shops up and down the country.  There is no Fear Of Missing Out, because there is no reason to miss out!  Seek and ye shall find!

To be fair Rich Burhouse has said for many years that he wants to make more available.  He has never been driving this as an exclusive product.

But the most important thing to clarify is the crux of who is to blame for FOMO.  I know a lot of people have asked me about breweries to which FOMO relates, but in all honesty my feeling is that FOMO isn’t the fault of any particular brewery.  It’s my fault.  My FOMO was about me becoming obsessed.  It was my burning desire to try these things.  It was my fascination with the subject of beer that made me interested in every facet.  That and the ease with which I was able to buy beers online gave me scope to get carried away. 

But I’ve stepped back from the need.  I no longer join scrums to get my hands on beers.  I can usually get hold of pretty much every beer that I’m interested to try, but mostly I let them pass me by.  And you know what, I am all the more fascinated by beer.  I’m all the more passionate about the beer industry.  We have never in our lifetimes had as many breweries with beers on the market as we have today.  Which means we have never had so many characters and variations.  That’s an amazing thing.

There’s an overlap, if you were to draw up a timeline you’d start with Hype, move into FOMO and, I’m now predicting the future, for me I see the challenge now being anti-exclusivity…..  And you can expect a rant on that subject from me shortly!


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