The Town Mouse, Newcastle’s latest micropub

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the pre-opening night in The Town Mouse, Newcastles latest micropub. Here’s what I discovered.

As soon as I walked through the door there was a general warm buzz to the place. A small basement bar, tucked away on St Mary’s place. But I instantly felt at home. Give me a line up of good quality local beers and a warm welcoming host and you’re on to a winner.

Four cask lines, four keg lines, fridge full for the overflow (ie those unable to find something in draught). Prices in keeping with a local pub, not a city centre bar. I could get used to this.

No pretentiousness, no hint of trying to coin the market, just straight up honest appreciation of pub and pub goers. I highly recommend this place.

The core of the pub is John, the owner and chief barman. John brings a fresh face and happy smile to an end of Newcastle which has been abit of a desert for good beer. He’s tucked away in a basement right next door to the massive weatherspoons which I for one have never had a decent pint in. Johns beers don’t stick around long enough for that to be a concern.  Far more interesting choices to be had here.

On my visit the range included diverse beer such as Marble’s Into the Void and Newcastle University Stu Brew’s Red Brick. Now that’s the kind of range and scope that will keep people coming back. There’s a strong determination to make best use of the great local breweries we have on our doorstep, but a few quality beers from outside the region will help spice things up abit! And that’s the thing now. I see that in Newcastle we have a tightly packed market, with a lot of small local breweries jostling for bar presence with the local big boys. So for a pub to go out and order a beer from outside this region, it needs to be pretty darn good. And it’s that which drives standards up.

I’ve often though Newcastle can be quite an insular market. There are certainly plenty punters who are more than satisfied with beers that are locally produced. As I’ve spoken about before, where there’s a familiarity with a local term, any punter who is unsure will more than likely feel comfortable to try it. I suspect that’s why many breweries up and down the country will include reference to their locale in their names. It gives an immediate sense of identity and gives a strong line for punters to relate to. You already know something about a brewery if it’s name includes its place of origin.

See what happened there? I started in the chilled out, friendly environment of the Town Mouse and my mind wandered. It’s that sort of place. You can chill out here, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Northumberland Street round the corner and enjoy some proper Geordie hospitality.

A very welcome addition to the city!

I will be back!

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