#12beersofxmas day 11 – Hawkshead Brewery No 2 Jim


Whenever I travel I like to visit local beer shops and see what interesting things I can pick up.  This was one such bottle that I picked up in Edinburgh probably 2 years ago. It’s quite an old beer but it’s one I’ve never really known when to drink. Here’s on everything of the biggest plusses of #12beersofxmas, it’s an excuse to crack open bottles that have been sitting about gathering dust. It makes you review your stash!


This is Hawksheads Brodie’s Prime brewed to what they call ‘export strength’ meaning it’s ramped up a notch or twelve… coming in at 8.5% abv. Not excessively high but plenty high enough.

It pours a deep dark ominous broon in colour.  Not overly dense, it will allow some rays of light through.

Wow, the aroma has a powerful slap. The Jim Beam whiskey cask has well and truly put its stamp on this beer. It’s so powerful that it’s difficult to get beyond it on the aroma.

Flavour wise the whiskey is still powerful, but the base beer does well for it. There are plenty notes in the beer that the whiskey compliments. Redcurrants, treacle toffee, brown sugar and that ever watching dominant whiskey warmth with vanilla notes casts its shadow over proceedings in the way Mount Vesuvius is ever on the horizon no matter where you go around the Bay of Naples. You can’t escape its glare!

So it’s a bloody good job I’m enjoying it.  Compliments cheese incredibly well, I’ve demolished an entire block…

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