#12beersofxmas day 10 – Steel City Brewing/Hopcraft Brewing/Arbor Argy Bargy


A black barley wine, I’ve never had a black barley wine before. I’m not aware of any others in existence! So this is a new style to me and I’m keen to give it a go. I love barley wines as they’re not that common. Good ones are usually really enjoyable, Magic Rock Strongman was a real eye opener for me for the style.

A tan head soon fades to just lace the edges of the surface. The beer is deep black, doesn’t appear to lace the glass when swirled though.

Incredible body to it, its thick and smooth but still distinct from a stout. I can’t quite explain why!

The black of the black barley wine brings a huge slab of roastedness. Powerful full strong coffee roastedness.  It’s really really good.

Packs a punch too 10.4% abv commanding you to take your time.

Funny though, the #12beersofxmas is abit of an ordeal.  I spend all year eyeing up beers to be included and when the time comes I bemoan the fact that I didn’t pick more variety. My daily blogs all seem to include similar references, and yet I feel like the beers I’ve had have all been distinct from each other.

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