#12beersofxmas – day 7 Old Chimneys Good King Henry Special Reserve 2014 edition


A small little known brewery tucked away in the heart of England each year releases one of the top rated beers in the world. This is the highest rated UK produced beer on ratebeer. So to say I’m expecting great things is an understatement!

Its a quiet cap opening, very little noise rushing out on opening, but there’s a hearty aroma escaping.

It pours like engine oil, I open the sump plug and leave the bottle to drain into my glass.  Its incredibly dense, with an oily lacing on the surface.

The aroma is dark fruits, Christmas cake ingredients all washed together loaded with brandy for moisture.

First taste is full of body, glides over your tongue and down your throat. You won’t drink this too quickly though. The fruits are prominent, juicy raisins and sultanas. The roasted coffee notes are bold too.

Sip it slowly, as it warms the coffee notes are surpassed by the booze soaked fruits. It’s a lovely beer, well worth it’s high rating.

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