#12beersofxmas day 9 – Buxton/Omnipollo Texas Pecan Ice Cream



Yup it’s them again. I think I’ve seen more Omnipollo mentions than any other brewery in people’s #12beersofxmas and I can understand why. I loved both the Rocky Road Ice Cream and the Anagram I’ve had so far. So what of the Texas Pecan?

Well what is a Texas Pecan? No it’s not a bird, you’re thinking of a Toucan…

Pecan nuts are originally found in a Mexico however, their popularity in the United States led many producers there to start growing them. Random fact, Georgia is the US biggest Pecan producing state, Texas is second.

So this is a nutty ice cream beer from the second largest Pecan producing state in the US. Got it?

Regardless, for me this beer has to be judged in direct comparison to the rocky road I had earlier. And for that I think it suffers.

The aroma is dark chocolate, Cocoa even, but not a lot more. The beer appears thick and dark, a light vacuum. Ain’t no light getting through this bad boy.

The texture is thick, but actually feels thinner than the rocky road. Without that rocky road comparison I’d be enjoying this a lot more. It’s a bloody good beer, just not as good as it’s brother. Sibling rivalry agogo!

The Pecan isn’t very pronounced. It’s hinting at a yellow Belly style beer but seems to hold back. It’s the quiet twin isn’t it. The family member that no one will remember. That had as much ability as any other family member but didn’t put down a statement of intent strong enough to stand out.

They should pretend this is from any other brewery and it’d be awesome. As it stands I’m disappointed. Which is just crazy.

Cracking beer, suffers for its company!



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