#12beersofxmas day 8 – Tempest Brewing Co Mexicake


So I’m 8 days in yet a day behind, will catch up tonight!

This was a fun one for me. In years gone by there have been some pretty obvious overlaps in beer choices, by that I mean there has always been a few beers that were in most people’s line ups. And the collaborative fashion in the industry usually saw folk drinking these together and comparing notes. What’s been noticeable this year is that the array of beers on offer has been so vast that there have been far fewer same beers supped. So when a few of us mentioned Mexicake we all got together to sup it on the same day, at the same time.

So tonight great beery colleagues @thegreatcubbio and @thealelady and I sat down to crack open this beast.

I say beast, it’s really quite tame, but watch it….

it pours abit flat, no real drama. In appearance I’m abit wary that it may be abit thin.

Aroma is bold though, chocolate to start, some fruitiness in there, think berries but then a warm rum note to it.

First sup is chocolate, milk chocolate, not too bitter. Berries do back it up, rich juicy dark berries, blackberries, blueberries, raisins too.

The body appears thin but in a reverse Dr Who tardis like fashion it becomes thicker on the inside. The minute it hits your mouth it must expand because in mouthfeel at least it’s got a lacing thick texture that is very pleasant and in no rush to move on. Gives you time to enjoy it.

While your enjoying that lingering texture, watching a few programmes, doing a few chores, then right when you least expect it boom! The chilli jumps out, booo! Made me jump! The warmth is really strong, but doesn’t overpower, doesn’t last and ruin your next sip, just makes it presence known. Little victory dance on your tongue and gets back in its corner for a pep talk before round 2.

This is a lovely chilli stout. Really good example of the style.

Tempest are a brewery I always look out for and this beer is exactly why. Nice work!




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