#12beersofxmas day 6 – Thornbridge The Heart Desires


Remember when you first started drinking craft?  Chances are back then you at some point discovered Jaipur/Chiron/Kipling. These beers are such classics that they often get forgotten about in conversations but they’re iconic. Their problem is that they’ve been too good for too long that they’re just not new anymore.

They still excel. They still astound you with quality. If you see these beers, buy them. Simple. Cask, keg whatever, they always deliver.

So Thornbridge are taking steps to push boundaries. And I think these barrel aged series beers represent a real big, deliberate, articulate, step in the direction of progress.

So far we’ve seen Days of Creation, Love Among The Ruins, Serpent (the collab with Brooklyn brewery) and The Heart Desires.

Love a beer with a caged cork, classy and rewarding when opening. Similar ‘pop’ to champers!

The zest is in your face from the moment you pour. The beer zips and sings around in the glass like an eager bee hunting pollen.

Every sip is met with a crisp refreshing wash. This is a beer that gives your tongue a workout. It’s a deep cleanse of every tastebud. Washing through every other lingering flavour in your mouth. Ultimate reset button.

But it’s so much more than that. It’s classy, and crisp, drying to the finish, taunting you to take on more, go on, have another gulp….

I bloomin intend to!





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