#12beersofxmas day 5ish – Omnipollo Anagram – An interview with the big man!


”Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la laaaaa etc etc….

Christmas eve, I love the feel good anticipation and good spirit that floats around on Christmas Eve.  Not least of all from my sons.

Theyve spent the whole day getting so excited they could burst at any moment!  My eldest (5) came to me and said “dad, can we leave one of your extra special beers out for Santa, cos he’s a very special man”. And how could I say no to that!

So the remainder of this blog is my interview with the big man. Enjoy!

Me: Hi Mr Claus, thanks for sparing time to speak to me on tonight of all nights. I know you’re a big lover of good beer. What did you make of the Anagram?

SC: hick! Erm is that a mince pie?

Me: Erm yeah, would you like one? There’s one on your tray.

SC: Thanks, they’re delicious! Ho ho ho!

Me: Sorry Santa, did you enjoy the beer?

SC: Oh did you leave that for me? It was delicious! It smelled every inch like a blended blueberry cheesecake and blueberries aren’t exactly a strong aroma, or at least strong enough to be pronounced in a 12% beer aroma. This beer is superb.

Theres a thick coating texture to it, lining your insides with over the top patterns like Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen on steroids.

The cheesecake element is that vanilla creamy flavour and texture and the initial flavour is the blueberry.

Backing that up is a stiff upper lip. A thick slap in the face from the boozy liquor that lifts this beer from being a sweet devourable beer to a bigger more involved experience. You know when you’ve had this beer. It’s one that takes you on a journey and not just to the fridge and back.

Quite possibly beer of the year. It’s certainly in the conversation.

Me: Thanks Santa. That’s great insight. Can I be the first to wish you a merry Christmas and hope the rest of your night goes well.

SC: thanks, must be off! Ho ho ho!! Merrrrrrryyy Christmas!!!!


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