#12beersofxmas day 3ish Hawksheadbrewery Cider Brandy Barrel aged Oat Wine


OK firstly an apology, this is yesterday’s beer supped today.  ‘Twas my works Christmas do last night and after a few too many Jakeheads I wasn’t in any position to fairly evaluate a complex beer like this!

So here I am! I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this beer. Not overly hyped but seems a slow burner. There are a great many folk who have gotten in touch since I posted my line up to say that this is a stonking beer. I cannae wait to crack it!

Bottle opens to very little drama. Pours quite calm, not looking too lively. Settles with no head to speak of, looking like a glass full of golden marmalade.

Aroma is very smooth, the ciders there but it’s not sweet or overly dry, smells well balanced and enticing.

First taste is good. The oat wine base gives a good body to it. It’s very smooth. The cider apples are prominent, the brandy is the spike of alcohol to remind you this is a beer.  A beer standing at 9% no less.

Man this is smooth. There’s a lovely mouth coating quality yet it’s not syrupy. It’s big, bold but feels decadent. Why don’t other try this style?! I want to try more beers as good as this!!

Theres a hint of sweetness beneath all the noise. Almost toffee apple esq.  This would work so well with apple crumble. But it’s the custard that would compliment it best. Mmmmm custard…..

Tremendous work folks!

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