There’s little in the world without those around us and Im sure a great many of you know or have known someone who was battling cancer. I think its one of the most feared words. As a youngster I was aware of it, but didn’t really appreciate what it meant, the media would often refer to negative issues as being ‘a cancer on society’. I fully understood that it was a negative thing but didn’t realise just how negative. Im now at an age where I do understand. Ive seen the physically exhausting battles that people go through to try and fight it, Ive seen the cruel aftermath that it can leave on a family when one of their own is taken from them, Ive seen the life changing impact which even a short and successful battle can have.

Im very much a people person. I cope with challenges in my life by gaining support from those around me. My life is enriched by the daily interactions with the people who make up the fabric that the tapestry of my life is played out on. For me, Im starting to see the people who have given me that support, are starting to be taken from us, with cancer being by far the most common reason.

There have been some brilliant scientific breakthroughs in recent years and in this country we have some of our best scientific minds dedicating their entire careers to battling cancer. Here in the North East we have within the Centre for Life some of the most focussed research going on anywhere across the globe. The work done within those four walls may one day prove to be the catalyst for humanity to battle back and overcome the odds.

But they need our support. Without funding these people cannot continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge.

This is a big beery week for me, I’ve got a lot of interesting things bubbling which will come together this week. But the pinnacle is building up to this coming Friday, which is #BigBeeryNight. Now this is in the main a twitter event. On the night there will be some spectacular packages made available for auction. And by auction I mean it’s going to be an on line bidding system, live on the night, via twitter, to the highest bidder the spoils! And when I say spectacular, in many instances we’re talking items which money simply cannot buy, bespoke pieces, brewery packages, world class beers. If you have any interest in beers, these are the prizes you want to be following. I would suggest that in beer terms, there is no greater auction anywhere in the world.

And what better way to raise money than to simply connect as a beer community. All we ask is that you sit down, crack open a beer or two and follow the action online. The idea of the night is to donate the value of the beer you’re drinking, so dig deep and enjoy a few beers and raise money for an incredible cause!

Full details are here: http://bigbeerynight.co.uk/

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