The diary of the modern day Beer Geek

Been up to much this week Myles?

No I haven’t left the house….. yet I’ve been quite busy!

Twitters great, always someone with something to say, always something generating a reaction. And I now consider some of those that I follow and who follow me to be very genuine friends.

Monday: #IrishBeerChat
Tuesday: #CraftBeerhour
Wednesday: #Beerybits tasting with @Alesbymail (periodical)
Thursday: #Beerbods
Friday: #HopGodFriday/@BeerOClockShow podcast release day, peak Twitter beer consumption evening..
Saturday: Second peak Twitter beer consumption evening, many beers to discuss/compare/debate…
Sunday: May have a beer with Sunday dinner, but a night off? Well maybe just the one as it’s a school night….

As you can see my diary is now full for the rest of my life…. If anyone wants me I’ll be on eBay selling kidneys to fund my beer-exploring way of life!

In all honesty, there is so many beery cultural events going on these days it’s impossible to keep up to date and take part in them all. Not all that long ago I made it my mission to get involved and support as many ventures as possible. Sadly the number of ventures has made that impossible, not to mention an increasingly busy work/home life. But what it shows is how the culture is growing and each and every one of these events builds a critical mass, which picks up new followers and sparks new interest in the industry we all love.

And if you’re not already aware of the any of the above events, give the hashtags a search, you might just discover more great beer!

Long may that continue!

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