Day 4 #12beersofxmas Drinking a Westwood by Ilkley Brewery


So 4 beers in and I thought we’d things a little differently. Dionnes drinking the Ilkley Siberia, I’m drinking the Westwood.

White stouts are an unusual style. I think my preference in a stout is for as much roast flavour and intense texture as possible. The thicker the better, the roastier the better. So a white stout has a lot to do to appeal.

This one is subtitled as a white chocolate stout. And my word, it is every inch the White chocolate stout. The aroma, the flavour, everything oozes chocolate. The White stout edge means it’s not too bitter either as it’s not as roasted.

The texture is thicker, but not too intense. Nice gulp-able mouthfeel.

I really wasn’t expecting much from this but ended up really enjoying it. Nice work chaps!


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