#12beersofxmas day 6 Drinking a Double Schuck by Tempest Brewery


Tonight is Tempest Brewery night in our house. Dionne is drinking one of the first real craft saisons I ever had, which they have re-released after a spell and its tasting superb!

Ive gone for their Imperial Oyster Stout. Not a style I profess to know. Think this is the first oyster stout I’ve ever had. But this is delicious. It pours thick and dark with a very creamy off white head. It’s a very enticing looking beer. Ive no idea if it matters but I love the way a creamy head sticks to the side of the glass. This is laying down some serious trails!

Strip it back, the first taste is all about the voluptuous texture. So smooth, so silky. I imagine that’s the oysters. Full body but while it’s got the roasty coffee edge to the flavour it’s mild and not bitter at all.

This is exactly the beer I wanted right now. Smooth, chilled and luxurious. Feels special. It’s Christmas after all!

Best beer so far of my #12beersofxmas!


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