#12beersofxmas Day 3 Drinking a KBS by Founders Brewery


So Christmas Eve is here and my sons eager anticipation of the fat dude coming saw him come and ask me this afternoon if If would mind if he left one of my special beers out for Santa. How could I possibly refuse! So he chose this beer for me.

Its a beer much heralded. The clamour for this beer made it a must try for me. Sadly I’m left a little disappointed by this. It ticks a lot of boxes. It’s smooth as it gets, thick in texture and has a lovely roasted edge. But the main characteristic is that peanut butter sweetness, which sadly is way too sweet for my palette. Can totally understand why those of a sweeter tooth would love it, but it’s not for me. Yellow Belly was exactly the same, although surprisingly I enjoyed the desert edition more. Just felt more rounded, perhaps more aging to it helped.

still glad to have tried it. Will always give my opinion, even if it’s not the same as others thoughts!


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