Day 1 #12beersofxmas Drinking and thinking about Bring out the Imp from Alechemy Brewery


My third year in the running, having had such good craick in previous years. New twist this year is that the good Mrs Lambert, Dionne has decided to get involved too! So give her a follow on Twitter (@dionnelambert07).

Dionne was a champagne drinker when she first met me. So to now see her readily getting excited about beers is amazing for me.

So on to my first beer.  This is a bottle I had pointed out to me by Drew from Coppers in Gosforth, and knowing the brewery I had no hesitations in putting my hand in my pocket.

As soon as I poured this beer I was blown away by the depth of the colour. This isn’t a beer which allows light through even at the edges. That depth of colour usually equates to flavour.

The aroma was sweet brown sugar, hints of espresso, hints of cocoa.  I was ready to dive in.

First taste was rich molasses, subtle coffee and treacle flavours. The oatmeal comes through too, which gives it a pretty solid base. The sweet notes and boozy notes are smoother for having that oatmeal there.

This is a delicious beer. Exactly what I wanted my #12beersofxmas to be. I’m a huge fan of Impy Stouts and this one is bang on, whilst being sufficiently different and unique.

Good start, roll on tomorrow’s beer!

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