Anticipation Indyman beer con!

So last night I dashed around packing for both myself and the kids as they’re off to grandmas for the night. Me? I’m off to Manchester and the Indyman beer convention.

Last year I sat watching tweet after tweet of amazing beers being supped and made a pact with myself that I would go this year.

As soon as the tickets were released I gobbled up a full fat affair. Such was my excitement.

That anticipation is a killer though. I spent much longer than I should have packing last night. Mainly due to the Twitter banter and keeping an eye on what beers folk at the Thursday evening session were drinking. That in turn meant that I got to bed later than I should and so when my son woke at 6:30 this morning I was knackered! Not exactly the best start to what will end up being a full days drinking.

I’m told that Indyman can be quite a relaxed affair, with not that many beers being consumed, more craick with good beery folk. Have to say that sounds great but I still suspect my excitement will see me drinking thirds quicker than they should be supped.

Oh well…..

I have looked at the beer list but have also decided to not get too obsessed with trying certain beers. My plan is to go with gut instinct when I’m there and talk to people about what’s tasting good etc.

I can’t wait to meet old beery friends and meet new ones too. That’s what Indyman is all about!

Look out Manchester, I’m on my waaaayyyyy!!!!!

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