For those who don’t follow @BeerOClockShow, one of the hosts of the show Steve, sadly lost his mother to cancer earlier in the year. A great many of us are touched by cancer in our lives, the older I get the more common it appears to be, with many members of my family having struggles and scares from it. And I’m not ashamed to say that it genuinely frightens me. I have two young children who I want to see grow and some of the stories of how quickly lives can be lost from discovering cancer, makes me cherish every day I have on this planet.

I know that here in the North East we have the Centre for Life which is doing some fantastic research into cancers and has had many small but not insignificant breakthroughs into various cancers all of which help them along the path towards making this suffering a thing of the past. But they need all the help they can get to further the research and maximise the knowledge already gained to do that.

So Steve, being the positive enthusiastic man that he is, has taken the concept of a MacMillan coffee morning and turned it into #BigBeeryNight. The basic concept is, Friday 25th September, you should grab yourselves a beer, tweet about it using #BigBeeryNight or Instagram it using the same #BigBeeryNight and ‘pay’ for your beer by donating its value to MacMillan. It’s all about getting involved folks! There’ll be good craick, good banter, good beers and a good cause to benefit from the evenings events. Let’s make this a rip roaring success!

More info can be found here: http://www.beeroclockshow.co.uk/2015/09/big-beery-night/

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