Something Sublime!

We have some great breweries here in the North East. A great variety too. It’s a real melting pot of ideas and innovation. But that’s the same story up and down the UK so it’s important that we really crow about the good things going on here.

Which is why it pleases me no end to be able to write about yet another award winner from the region. For those that don’t know, Anarchy brewery recently claimed the best UK Stout or Porter at the world beer awards. And in 36 days time, it will represent to UK and go head to head with stouts and porters from all over the world to battle it out for the world crown.

Let me give you abit of background. Anarchy Brewery appeared in January 2012 and haven’t looked back. After some issues around its name, they relaunched under the Anarchy brand in September 2012 and launched Sublime Chaos at the same time.

From the outset then, they were producing beers with bold flavours and big character. Not afraid to rub people up the wrong way and get a reaction from their taste buds.


The beer itself is a breakfast stout, infused with coffee but not just any coffee. The bean used is Ethiopian and of “natural” type, meaning its left out to dry on sun terraces. Not being a coffee expert I don’t know the effect of that but it says to me that the brewer is taking the choice of ingredients very very seriously. That degree of detail wins you awards I guess!

The beer is brewed with New Zealand hops, but carefully balanced to not be hop forward.

As soon as you crack open a bottle of this the aroma draws you in. Smooth sweet espresso chocolate aromas all let you know you’re in for a treat.

Now the bottle says to drink fresh, as all Anarchy’s bottles do, but I tend to leave it a couple of months before opening as I feel it just exaggerates that smoothness. The keg at Craft Beer Calling last year had been ages for 15 months and was the best I’ve had it. Smooth as silk and all the flavours I love, more pronounced.

The head is caramel coloured and thick. Good carbonation which throws those aromas at you from the pour. Then it’s time to dive in.

The texture is smooth, big bodied and bold. The mouthfeel is thick voluptuous velvet. The flavour is a ball room dance of coffee and chocolate in perfect harmony, swirling gracefully across your tongue. It’s a luxurious feel and is a very special beer.

I’ve long since cherished this beer and people who know me are probably sick of hearing me bang on about it, but it’s great to see it getting the recognition it deserves.

This isn’t its first award mind, in 2013 it won gold in the SIBA North East premium strong category. So this is a beer with pedigree.

Other Anarchy beers to look out for include Citra Star, not a single hop beer, but designed to get the best from the citra hop, Knuckle dragger, their double IPA where big hops live and Warhead, the 100 minute continuously hopped IPA.

I will be keeping a close eye out for the results from the world beer awards as I know it’s a real contender. So get behind it folks! If you haven’t already tried this, badger your local outlet to get it in stock, seek it out when pubs in the area have it on keg, this is a beer that makes any journey to seek it out worthwhile.

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