Hobson’s Postmans Knock


New year, new blogging resolve so here’s my first review of the year Hobson’s Postmans Knock which comes courtesy of @beerbods.

This beer is described as a ruby porter which is abit of a hybrid style by the sounds of things. The bottle comes with a fancy plastic seal for the cap, the kind you’d find on a wine bottle. It’s a smart touch but I can’t help feeling that it’s a tad over the top, excuse the pun…

Anyway, a good descriptive label with a little chart to give you a guide to what sort of beer your having. Again I think this is very wine like and while it could well help some potential buyers, but I find it a little cheesy.

On to the beer itself, the important bit!

First crack of the cap and the aroma is undeniable dark fruits, red currants, black currants. It’s smells delicious. No hops to speak of, just sweet fruits.

On pour it’s very much a ruby ale, looks nothing like a porter. I’m not actually sure what makes it a ruby porter rather than a ruby ale, but I for one don’t care what style of beer it is, it’s how it tastes that matters!

The head is light and whispy and quickly fades to fine lacing round the edge of the glass.

That’s reflected in the mouthfeel, where the body is light with virtually no evident carbonation.

The flavours are back to those currants again. There’s a very nicely set malty sweetness, laced with fruitiness. All bundled together with a lightness that means the flavour is never overpowering. I’m not sure I would choose this when presented with a range in a beer shop. It’s unlike any porter I’ve ever had before. It’s a very nice beer though. Glad to have tried it but there’s so many beers out there I prefer.

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