#12beersofxmas – Day 3

Not so long back I reviewed Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch Weasel stout to celebrate National Stout Day. At the time I was torn between the two as to which one to keep and which one to open. The brunch weasel is some stout. Big, thick, velvet smooth with lashings of coffee and chocolate washing over your tongue like a tidal surge. I loved that beer.

Now this beer is really very similar, its Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Vanilla Shake. A vanilla oatmeal stout that I was seduced into buying after seeing Rob Derbyshire’s (@Hopzine) review. That’s my decision making process these days, I walk into a shop and pick up a few bottles then any I umming and arring over I google and try to watch Rob’s videos. Good insightful reviews but short enough to watch on your ickle phone screen.

Rob talked about the delicious vanilla notes in this beer, a big rich sweetness from a big bodied imperial stout. It sounded tremendous. However, the bottle I tried wasn’t quite there for me. In Rob’s review he talked about getting this beer nice and early so the big sweet vanilla is still there in the flavour. And I think that’s where I’ve gone wrong. Don’t get me wrong this was a deliciously big bold stout. There’s an abundance of coffee flavours to this and I really do love an oatmeal stout, that just gives it a more rounded flavour to my untrained tastebuds. I think though that the vanilla was past it best and had faded significantly. I can only apologise to the beer gods for such an unacceptable situation of my own making. The aroma had a distinct caramelised custard side to it that was the bitter platform to get the best out of the vanilla. I’m definitely going to have to hunt out another fresher bottle of this and give it a proper try. The booziness was there to warm your cockles, the thick velvet smoothness and bags upon bags of roasted malt flavours that say ‘Merry Christmas’ like no other beer can!

Before you go, can you please take a minute to take part in this very important piece of research.  Not at all because I just noticed the poll function and fancied playing round with it…….

So that’s my day 3 of #12beersofxmas, going to ramp things up tomorrow with a bottle of Buxton’s Tsar, another Imperial Stout. Not had it before but I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in!

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