#12beersofxmas day 1


Day 1 of the #12beersofxmas and I’m drinking a beer I’ve heard a lot about. It’s Siren’s tickle monster. This is a triple IPA laden with mangos.

The initial pour hits a point that could put people off. With a rookie mistake I allow some of the sediment in the glass. Not that I ever really mind that but there does seem to be more sediment than most beers would have. Perhaps the mangos have left behind extra just to boost the fruitiness of it.


It pours with very little head, the colour is as orange as a sun kist fresh orange juice and the aroma coming off it is delicious. Big citrus notes to this. I can’t wait to get stuck in.

Bang, there’s those mangos. The fruity flavours are all there. And you can tell it’s a triple IPA, there’s a boozy richness backing it all up. Initially I thought the booziness was too overpowering for the fruit but actually it soon settles into a warmth which allows you to enjoy that citrusy um bongo style beer. It’s a sipper mind, this isn’t a down it in one beer, at 12% abv you’d be well advised to take your time with it!

Tremendous start to my #12beersofxmas, looking forward to tomorrow’s beer!

1 thought on “#12beersofxmas day 1

  1. Jon

    I love Tickle Monster! I think it’s matured with cedar wood for a bit? Found it was a bit piney/resiny. In a good way.

    Had it in a bar at seven quid for a half, so you’re right – one to sip slowly.



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